The birth of something.

My first child is arriving in a matter of days or weeks.

I’m looking forward to meeting her.  I’ve been talking to her (the belly) and telling her about the important things.  (God, chicken bog, Cardinals baseball, Led Zeppelin, etc.)

She has already been a miracle to many.  She has brought people together and caused me to increase my level of disdain for the toddler across the street who keeps looking over here.  He’s a boy.  Maggie Grace is a girl.  I already don’t like him.

I lost it a bit last night.  Tears?  No.  I was putting baby furniture together and I couldn’t get the subwoofer underneath the crib to work correctly.  I kicked a few things.  It is important that our daughter be introduced to real music early on.  Wiggles?  Ummm, no. I don’t know why I lost it.  Everyone does.  We have been moving into a new home and as you know that process never ends.  The thoughts of becoming a father and all that is involved was perhaps weighing on me?  Who knows?  Whatever it was the cardboard box that previously contained said baby furniture will never live to house another piece of anything.

I am REALLY excited for people to stop saying to me and my lady, “Oh man, you have no idea what you’re in for.  You’re life is going to change soooo much.”  Really?  I had no idea.  In no other area of life do people, strangers included, feel so comfortable at giving advice.  My response to many of these (in my mind).

“I’ve seen how your kid behaves.  I will not take anything you say seriously.  Move along, please.”

It’s really been weird.  One guy who barely knows us patted my wife on the belly.  Yeah, people are a bit intrusive during a pregnancy.  Can’t wait to move on from that stuff.

I’m interested in discovering my skills as a father.  I feel confident as a husband.  Confident in other areas of life.  Father?  Like anything I’m leaning on the Lord to power me through it.  We’ll see.

Move along, Maggie Grace.  It’s time to say hello to the world and get started on the family band.

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