A Quick Story About Tires and God

A great friend of mine, who has always been generous to us whenever we have had car issues, discovered some damage to our tires. We needed new tires…and quickly. Tires are an easy fix, but not a cheap one.

If you know us you know we have never chased the money. We’ve always felt if God wanted us somewhere He would provide, regardless of the paycheck. And we have had some real skimpy seasons of paycheck! But He has provided every… single… time. We could write a book.

We’ve been challenged with this over the years as we have turned down quite a few jobs that would have “taken care of us” but knew even if it looked right on paper, it’s not where the Lord wanted us to serve. So many times we have had to lean on the Lord in this Truth in how to live this life when it comes to provision, and “building a life” in the area of money. But we try to lean on Him to build it however HE sees fit.

So, back to the tires. We were pricing tires and….yikes.

Now I want to be clear and say God has been so good to us during this season, not because of increased income but just His goodness, that we would have been able to pay for new tires.
But sure enough, we received a check in the mail from an anonymous donor through our church for just a bit more than what the tires would cost. No one knew of our “predicament” as the check was mailed before we even knew we were going to need new tires.

God had already met our need before our need was revealed.

Even though we could have paid for the tires, Nikki said sometimes God just wants to say, “Hey you! I SEE you! Keep going!”

This life rarely makes sense and we are not required to figure it out, but to live it out….in faith. Without fear. Without the things of this world holding us back in the name of “building a life”. Keep going. Love God. Love others. And check your tires.

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