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A Quick Story About Tires and God

A great friend of mine, who has always been generous to us whenever we have had car issues, discovered some damage to our tires. We needed new tires…and quickly. Tires are an easy fix, but not a cheap one. If … Continue reading

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As a Mother. As a Person.

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“Nikki is a mother to everyone she meets.” Like most first-time dads, when my daughter was born in 2012 my life drastically changed.    Like many men becoming dad’s for the first time I thought of many things differently the … Continue reading

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A Couple Things We’ve Said

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A quick note:  We are living in a strange season.  People that I know, people that you know, YOU, may be going through some real financial challenges.  Some real LIFE challenges.   What I’ve written isn’t meant to be taken as … Continue reading

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How a Cinnamon Roll Led to 15 Years of Snowfall

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Years ago I was beginning a journey, moving to Texas into seminary housing, working on a Master’s degree, and yet completely unsure of why I was doing so… other than I knew God wanted me to do so.  I said … Continue reading

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When a thread….Part 3

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A different shade of Blue(s)… or how two victory parades will always represent life and death…and life, to me and my bride. St. Louisans had a historic moment to share when the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup on Wednesday, … Continue reading

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15 of 1,000,000+ reasons why….

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In honor of her birthday….15 of 1,000,000+ reasons why Margaret Nicole “Nikki” Flynn Akridge is my favorite person in the land.  (2018 version) “Her children rise up and bless her; Her husband also, and he praises her…” Proverbs 31:28 Some of … Continue reading

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When a thread…Part 2.

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(I wrote this over several days following my dad’s passing, the wake, and the funeral.  Like “Part 1”, this was what I was feeling at the time so I didn’t really edit what was written over the past couple of … Continue reading

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When a thread on the cape of your hero is being pulled…..Part 1.

(Part 1 – This was written over the last 10+ months when it was clear, short of a miracle, my dad wasn’t going to be with us for much longer.  I wrote a line here, a paragraph there, random thoughts, … Continue reading

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I was married 10 years ago today. 10 reasons why my wife is a keeper…….

Just a warning…..I’m going on 4 hours of sleep over the previous 2 nights.  I don’t know what is going on.  Maybe this isn’t the best time to write this?  Or maybe it’s the perfect time?  Either way….. 10 reasons … Continue reading

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Kebede Teshome

Most people chase after temporal riches, and though I have my own thoughts on the matter I don’t begrudge anyone their “success”. But it is a privilege to be called a friend by someone who lived his life to help … Continue reading

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