We’re fated to pretend

I was listening to the song, “Time to Pretend”, by MGMT.

It’s a song about living fast, dying young, the fleeting nature and innocence of childhood, and the hopelessness of pretending to have a full life after we put away the sandbox.  It has a few lines that keep running in my mind.

“I’ll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms, there’s really nothing we can do, we were fated to pretend.  Yeah, it’s overwhelming, but what else can we do, get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute.  We were fated to pretend.”

I am talking about this stuff tomorrow night at the Rhapsody service.  Not a commercial, just sharing a thought and praying the words come out true when the time comes.

I had a birthday several weeks ago.  I’m not one to fret over a birthday.  I really don’t mind another +1 to my age.  But I’m like anyone else, I don’t want to waste my years with monotony waiting for my life to make an impact.  Years fly by at this point and I’m looking around wondering where the time is going.  Time is short to make it meaningful.

Nikki and I really, really try to pass this on to the high school students we counsel.  They are unsure of the future, they sometimes struggle to realize that if they’re not careful they are headed on a journey to the middle and monotonous.  Where dreams go to stay just out of reach.  We hope we can move a few a bit further down the road.  The end.

(I will celebrate seven years with Margaret on Sunday.  Don’t have the words………so I’ll sing.  Just kidding.  Must be the cranberry juice talking.  Yeah, I may not mind my age but father time has a wicked right cross.)

Fated to pretend.  Hope not.


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